Indiegogo Campaign & New Sizzle Reel!

You can check out our new IndieGogo Campaign for Manson Girls right here. Hi Everyone! This is Susanna Lo, the writer/director of Manson Girls. First, thanks to all the fans of this project and all your support to date. Manson Girls is the first time the Manson Family story will be told from the perspective of eight of the girls while being written and directed by a woman. Deliberately ending before the infamous Tate/La Bianca murders, the film focuses on the girls’ earlier lives, through Read more [...]

‘Inside Edition’ Interviews Susanna Lo, Estella Warren, and Vincent Bugliosi about ‘Manson Girls’

Inside Edition interview with Susanna Lo, Estella Warren and Vincent Bugliosi: Watch It Now   It's an exclusive first look at the actresses playing the real-life Manson girls. The women are all starring in a movie called Manson Girls, about the groupies who fell under the spell of psycho-killer Charles Manson. "This is really a story from the girls' perspective," said actress Estella Warren. Manson, forever notorious as the madman behind the killings of pregnant actress Sharon Read more [...]