Susanna Lo is an American filmmaker. Lo was first noticed for her stylistic 35mm feature film Black & White: A Love Story which she wrote, directed and produced at the age of twenty-six. The film was accepted into the American Independents at The Berlin Film Festival and went on to win a best directing and best feature film award in Montreal. At the 1996 Berlinale, Joe Leydon of Variety describes Susanna Lo as an intelligent writer who scrupulously avoids predictable melodrama.

In her upcoming feature film, Manson Girls, Susanna tells the infamous story of the Manson Family through the perspective of eight of the girls who followed Manson. The film takes place during the early years of the eight girls’ life and ends one minute before the Tate/LaBianca murders.

Susanna is also a published novelist who’s first book, Alma of My Heart, hit #1 for Love & Romance in Kindle Books earlier this year. She is currently working on her second novel, Kingdom of Kahn, an epic about the noble house of Mongolian warrior and world conqueror, Genghis Khan.


Manson Girls – Director, Producer, Writer
Snow Summit Showdown – Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
The Duchess of Langeais – Unit Production Manager
Dating Service – Executive Producer, Line Producer
The Sandmen – Unit Manager
Largo – Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
Pola X – Production Coordinator
Le poulpe – Assistant Production Manager
Marthe – Unit Manager
Dobermann – Unit Production Manager
Sleepers – Casting Associate
Black & White: A Love Story – Director, Executive Producer, Producer, Writer
Trinità & Bambino… e adesso tocca a noi – Casting Associate


E.D.E.N. (TV movie)
Pilot – Director, Producer, Writer
Seven Days (TV series)
Stairway to Heaven – Director
Star Trek: Voyager (TV series)
Unforgettable – Additional Writer