Screenwriting Class and Consultations


“Susanna is the most talented and eloquent writer of our time! Having read over a thousand scripts, I have no hesitation in saying that Susanna Lo is one of the great Greats! A true master and genius storyteller.”

- Laura Harring, Actress, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive


“Susanna is an immensely skilled writer and script consultant. She’s able to help create a brilliant story while working within the guidelines of a budget that makes her invaluable to producers.”

- Brett Cranford, Producer, Gus Van Sant’s Restless


“In just 8 weeks, Susanna’s consultations were invaluable in helping me tighten my script, move the story forward, refine my structure and flesh out my characters. She’s an amazing writer to work with.”

- David Ponce de Leon
 Road To Juarez


Consultation Packages (for additional details, send an email):


Complete Your First Script in 8 Weeks – $795 – course via Skype or phone
(UCLA Extension online courses take 8 months and charges over $2300)

For anyone who wants to write a script but doesn’t know how to start and for those who have tried to write a script but never finished.

The writer must be willing to dedicate ten hours a week to writing and participate in a one-on-one consultation for two hours each weekend for eight weeks.

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pixel Screenwriting Class and Consultations

Private Script Consultation – $2800 – consultations via Skype or phone
(UCLA Extension private consultations start at $3500)

For those who have a finished script that needs help with structure, character development, forward motion or anything else that will turn a good story into a great script.

This is a one-month consultation to help the writer rewrite an existing script that needs polishing.

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pixel Screenwriting Class and Consultations